Infrastructure Engineer

Giza   |   Full time

Be part of the team that's building Egypt's First Unicorn as a Devops Engineer. Be Part of our infrastructure team.


  • You'll be responsible for an infrastructure dealing with 200k requests per minute, which means you will get awaken in the middle of the night
  • You'll be fixing problems in the production, problems that might be in code you did not write, however, you will solve it and maintain the uptime. 
  • You will handle the requests of 30 different developers and testers, and you should always be there for them to make sure they do they job correctly and easily
  • You will write scripts to automate everything, even changing your ringtone, you will monitor everything even the developer's heart rate
  • You will come up with new methodologies and strategies for building, testing and deploying our codebase
  • 2 years experience in the field. 
  • Knowledge and experience in docker, and jenkins.
  • Knowledge of Amazon Web Services.

Extras (Bonus):
  • Previous experience using Instabug in a beta or live app.
  • Worked on an app that's being used at a scale.
  • World class Fifa19 player.
  • You will be building a product that has a global impact, and we have big customers from all over the world.
  • You will be working in an agile and challenging environment.
  • You will be part of a flexible small team, in which you can have big impact on the final product.
  • We have a pretty high standard when it comes to hiring, to make sure that you will be surrounded by smart people so you can learn from.
  • We are in a phase of scaling the product, which is an interesting challenge on its own.

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