Outbound Growth Executive

Giza   |   Full time

We’re looking for a team member to join our Outbound Growth Team.

The outbound growth process requires every member of the team to ideate, source, and execute different campaigns to reach out to the right prospects, and then personalize their outreach from the first touch-point up until scheduling demos with the sales team.


  • You have 1 to 3 years of experience in the marketing field
  • You have a degree in Business Administration, Information systems or Computer Engineering
  • You have knowledge of the mobile apps’ ecosystem
  • You are fluent in spoken and written English
  • You have great communication skills
  • You can communicate effectively in both business and technical contexts
  • You can juggle multiple priorities with competing deadlines


  • Campaign Generation: brainstorming different ideas to get leads from, and the messages that will be sent to them
  • Lead Sourcing: using different platforms and tools that are specific to each campaign to select the right accounts and leads’ information
  • Execution: sending a series of campaigns and handling the replies to close for demos
  • Analysis and Iteration: analyzing the results of the campaign to assess its effectiveness and enhance the funnel

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